Bernese Mountain Dog Stock Photo - 31721337 Copyright : 1959rdv

Team Chelsea is a volunteer community group, which helps to reunite lost pets with their families… 

The story began with a lost Bernese Mountain Dog… to this date, Chelsea hasn’t been found… we pray she found a loving, caring family to take care of her… The sadness of not finding Chelsea, does have a silver lining.. Because of the search for Chelsea so many pet loving, animal caring folk, have come on board and helped to find missing pets… to date Team Chelsea has now found more than 1700 dogs and 1500 cats and reunited them with their loved ones…. 

As with any volunteer group, funds are needed to keep things flowing… with this in mind, Team Chelsea can always use donations such as food, litter, and cash donations to help with any vet fees… 

If you would like to help these fabulous people in any way… please check out the following Facebook pages.. 

For Dogs:

For Cats:


Source: Whitby This Week: Edition June 10 2015

2 thoughts on “Team Chelsea… Helping lost pets get home again…

  1. I have a question.
    I was asked to baby site a Blue Dutch Love bird person never came back for it.
    I was told the Team Chelsea places the animals including birds in right home.
    If this info is correct please email me back.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Manuela…

      Please check out the following facebook site… The folks at Team Chelsea help to look for missing dogs and cats and anything else that may have wondered away from home… I am not sure if they can place animals and birds that have been left behind by their owners… 😦 We wish you luck in finding a new home for the bird you are so kindly caring for. I am sure someone at Team Chelsea will be able to help you …

      Thanks for connecting with us…
      SGC Admin… 🙂


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