SGC Admin: From our inbox to you: Avaaz is very happy to share that the G7 summit members (countries) recognize that to prevent more unexpected, violent and destructive climate change, we need to wean the whole world off of its reliance on fossil fuel. 

copyright Avaaz: “Our appeals followed G7 Chair Angela Merkel everywhere for 6 weeks”.

Please Click on the following link for the story… Lets hope this change of thought goes the whole way… we might be looking at a whole new way of life in the near future, one that will enable us to continue life on this planet.

2 thoughts on “Fabulous News…. Are we finally looking forward to a future without fossil fuel over usage

    1. Hi Hocuspocus…

      Good question.. there are many alternative options to using fossil fuels in our everyday life, especially regarding in our modes of transportation… Such as vegetable oils, water, sun and wind energies. 🙂

      Our use of fossil fuel is far beyond what the planet can handle if she wishes to support life. Humans are increasing in numbers, which also means the waste we create, be it in fumes or material is also increasing. If we could slow down on our population growth we may be able to come to a “healthy” balance where the use of fossil fuel is concerned, however I doubt that is going to happen any time soon. We must then, decrease our footprint, (environmental damage we cause through our way of life) in any way that we can. 🙂

      It is important to keep in mind, that it is not only the two legged upright beings (humans) who inhabit the earth, there are the animals, the birds, the fish in sea, the plants and the trees too. However, it is the two legged being who believe they are the rightful “owners” of this planet, and can, therefor do as they please with it. Those who fight for a healthy, sustainable planet do so for all living beings, especially those who cannot speak for themselves. It is a great victory to those in the fight to hear that at last leaders in some countries are taking our environment seriously.. 🙂

      Thanks for your question… and your continued support.. it’s appreciated..

      Wishing you a fabulous week ahead…

      Greta.. SGC Admin. 🙂


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