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Meet Elsa, Anna and Olaf 🙂

A fun time for both kids and adults alike. Watch your child beam with excitement as their favourite animated characters come to life before their eyes. They’ll be treated to lots of singing and dancing and you’ll be treated to “favourite parent” status for days to come.

The VIP ticket treats your child to a special private audience with their idols, a photo-opportunity and preferred seating during the show.
Be sure to look for your exclusive Family Savings offer below.

Take the kids out for an enchanted mid-day treat then, after the babysitter’s in place, come back to LIVEact for and adult treat.
For each pair of tickets for Meet Elsa, Anna & Olaf VIP seats (value $40) andThe FabFour Dinner & Show (value $65), we’ll take $15.00 off** each ticket (that’s $30 in savings all together). Just like that, after just one call to our box office, a full day of entertainment looked after and weeks of smiles and great memories for the whole family.
Just use the Promo Code: Family Fun

Tickets and More Info…

LIVEact Offices & Theatre 104 Consumers Drive, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 1C4
Phone: 905-668-2229 | Toll Free: 877-426-5697 | Email:

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