Taurus: Fixed: Feminine: Earth: 

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Taurus Folk are, reliable, hard-working, dedicated and can be very, very stubborn… Don’t be fooled by their laid back manner and endless patience, they have a “stick to it” attitude that can out do the other signs, and they rarely ever quit once committed… 

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, who is all about luxury, beauty and money…. So Taurus folk are likely to be attracted to fine  food, good drink and expensive material possessions… 

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Happy Birthday Taurus have a fabulous day and an awesome year ahead….. Special birthday wishes go out to Emma, Jessie, John K, and Pat… and to all who celebrate a birthday during this sign. 

Those most affected to the sun being in Taurus are those who have the following in their birth chart or who’s progressed chart has the following. 

  • Sun in Taurus:
  • Moon in Taurus:
  • Venus in Taurus:
  • Planets in the 2nd house. 


©Greta McKenzie Astrology 04/02/2015

One thought on “Sun Moves into Taurus April 20 2015

  1. Taurus folk need material and emotional security… if you are a Taurus, or have a Taurus moon sign and don’t have a little “nest egg” set away somewhere, you might be feeling anxious but can’t put your finger on the reason why.. try setting yourself up with one.. put a jar somewhere in house where you can throw all your lose change into… see how it makes you feel, knowing you have the potential to save your “pennies” for a rainy day, or to get that nice little purse you have been eyeing… 🙂


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