Curb side battery collection for Durham Region Spring 2014…


battery recycle concept with battery and green arrows Stock Photo - 10888104 coliap


  • Event: Curb Side Battery Collection
  • Date (s): April 20 through to April 24
  • Instructions: Place used batteries in zip lock bags, or clear plastic bags with a zipper style seal. Place on the bags the orange sticker (provided by the region) onto the bags to identify them.
  • Please Note: Only undamaged batteries should be set out for collection, no leaky ones please and no automotive batteries. 
  • Please place your bagged and labelled batteries on top of your blue recycling bins. 
  • Where to get the orange stickers: Stickers would have been provided with the 2014/2015 Waste Management calendar. 
  • To Find Out More: 1-800-667-5671

source: Whitby This Week: April 8 2015 Edition

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