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An image of a person cleaning hands with hand sanitizer. Stock Vector - 9921203 : John Takai

Microbeads add up to big problem for Great Lakes
How we’re taking action to protect the Great Lakes and ensure that Canada addresses the threat toxic plastic microbeads pose to the environment and, by extension, our health.

Woman's hands with water splash Stock Photo - 15077555 Copyright : silverjohn

Why it’s time for Canada to recognize our right to water
As the international community came together in support of World Water Day, we couldn’t help but give pause to the startling inequities around drinking water quality and access within Canada’s borders.

Many mackerel fish, underwater view Stock Photo - 19449276 Copyright : Ivan Mikhaylov


Canada’s wild fish need to be handled with care
Eco-justice lawyer Morgan Blakley checks in with an update on three court cases aimed at addressing systemic problems in Canada’s aquaculture industry.

As Canada’s only national environmental law charity, Ecojustice is building the case for a better earth.

Devon Page, executive director
Ecojustice. celebrating 25 years | | @ecojustice_ca
Toll Free – 1-800-926-7744
214-131 Water Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 4M3


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