Dawn and Ian James, invite you to check out their new, exciting and healthy website,

The Wellness Mall

Diverse Hands Holding The Word Wellbeing Stock Photo - 28863045
http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : Robert Churchill
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http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : aquir

This fabulous site offers the consumer an easy and affordable alternative to the regular supermarket… Here one can purchase, orgnic, vegan, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, yeast free, non GMO, kosher and fair trade products.. good for the planet and good for you.

Fresh organic vegetables in wicker basket in the garden Stock Photo - 20483481
http://www.1232rf.com: Copyright : monticello

Click Here to check out the fabulous site… 🙂 get a 10% off coupon when you place your first order… 🙂 

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