mini greyhound : A small fawn - brown italian Greyhound dog lying down. Grey hounds are very thin and have a slender structure making them look very fragile. Stock Photo Copyright : f8grapher

Please Note the above photo is not Bowie, but a likeness of a small greyhound for reference only.

  • Missing: Lost Dog Named “Bowie”
  • Description: White Mini Greyhound has a black patch over the left eye
  • Last Seen Date: December 27th 2014
  • Last Seen Location: Field on Civic Centre Drive, Whitby, Brock St & Dryden Area
  • Please Contact: 289-992-7399
  • Reward Offered: Yes
  • Notes: Special Thanks to Team Chelsea for their ongoing efforts to help find Bowie
  • Please the Facebook page by clicking here:
orange cat : red cat shot on a white background, looking at camera Copyright : Olesya Kuznetsova






Please Note above picture is not April, but a likeness of an orange cat, it is for reference only

  • Missing: Lost Cat Named April
  • Description: Orange Female, Green Eyes, Spayed
  • Last Seen Date: January 11 2015
  • Last Seen Location: Taunton and Harmony Area
  • Please Contact: 647-678-8776
  • Reward Offered: Unknown



source: Whitby This Week January 21 2015 Edition

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