Old and used electric home waste  Obsolete pc computer, telephone, CRT monitor, DVD  Stock Photo - 21802483
http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : geografika
  • Event: Whitby 9th Scouting e-Waste Collection
  • Date(s): January 10 & January 11 2015
  • Time(s): 9 am to 1 pm (both days)
  • Location: 630 Kent St. Whitby, Corner of Kent & Beech Streets, South of Rossland Rd. W., East of Cochrane St., West of Brock St. N. Kent St. is one block east of Euclid and one block west of Centre St. 
  • What’s There: Bring your used E-Waste, beer and liquor bottles for responsible disposal. Remember to remove all personal data from hard drives. 
  • Benefits: All proceeds support Scouting activities. 

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