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Raindrop Technique Special – $10 off

The first session is regular $80  Sale price is $70

If you have never received a treatment you receive $10 off your first treatment plus the $10 discount so you receive this treatment for $60.

The Raindrop Technique is an amazing way to detoxify and cleanse the body and the Fall and Spring are the best times to do this for your body.

The Raindrop Technique used in my treatments was developed by D. Gary Young, N.D. and a Lakota medicine man.  It uses a sequence of nine highly immune enhancing essential oils. They are dropped like rain from a height of about 6 inches onto the spine and then lightly massaged in using various hand to body techniques. This stimulates energy impulses and disperses the oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body.  

Raindrop technique is a 1 hour session working with both the feet & the spine.  


The oils bring balance and harmony to the body:  physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The oils antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties and more go into the cells to promote healing of the body.

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