SGC Admin: We came across a fairly small notice in our local paper regarding a Class Action Suit against Bell Mobility and decided to share on SGC in case there are folk out there who don’t know about this but who maybe are supposed to… 🙂 

Please contact the Class Counsel via the web by Clicking Here with your questions. 

legal gavel, scales and law book on a white background Stock Photo - 8781568 Copyright : OLEKSANDR MARYNCHENKO

The Notice States: 

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has allowed a class action lawsuit against Bell Mobility Inc.. to proceed, which seeks compensation on behalf  of all persons in  who were prepaid, pa-per-use wireless phone customers of Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile Canada and Solo Mobile and had balances remaining in the accounts at the end of an active period which expired between May 2010 and December 6 2013 (the “Class”).

The lawsuit alleges that the defendant breached its contracts with its Ontario customers who used pre-paid wireless services by expiring prepaid balances too early, and/or by imposing expiry dates on prepaid balances contrary to provincial regulations applicable to gift cards. 

The Court has not yet determined whether or not the lawsuit will succeed. Bell Mobility denies that it acted in breach of contract and/or that provincial gift card regulations apply to prepaid wireless services. 

The representative plaintiff is Celia Sankar. Class counsel will be paid legal fees only. If the lawsuit is successful and the legal fees and costs must be approved by the Court. In addition, Ms Sankar has received funding from the Class Proceedings Fund which will receive 10% of any award or settlement in favour of Class members plus any funded disbursements. 

If you do not wish to take part in this lawsuit, you must opt out by filling out an “opt-out” form (available at the website) and sending it care of Class counsel at the following address or email by November 17 2014: 

Whether or not the class action is successful, all Class members who do not opt out will bound by any judgement of the court.

If you wish to participate personally in the lawsuit, you may apply to the Court for permission to do so. 

  • Mailing address
  • Sotos LLP
  • Attention: Tanya Atherfold-Desliva
  • 180 Dundas Street West
  • Suite 1200
  • Toronto, On 
  • M5G 1Z8

To Email please Click Here:

source: WhitbyThis Week: August 21 2014 Edition 

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