Our Lady becomes full on

August 10 2014 in the sign of  


Aquarius (1 of 12) with Clipping Path Stock Vector - 3894814
Copyright : Lorelyn Medina

Full moon in Aquarius

Time to play at being a Rebel… 🙂 A great time to break out of a rut or to try something different.. It’s time to let everyone know just how Unique we all are…

Be really careful however, of going overboard or of being “difficult” just for the fun of it… you might end up doing or saying something you regret later…

Aquarius is FREEDOM and wants to be allowed to be as unique and different as he feels….This may cause ripples in close relationships during this full moon…

The Full Moon falls in the 4th house of family/domestic concerns… Likely the life area where upset or celebration will occur.  

This Full Moon is likely to effect those who have a Aquarius in the following…

The Sun: The Moon: Planets/Signs in the 11th house or 4th house: Aspects to the Moon: Positive aspects may be helpful, where as negative aspects may prove to be challenging. 

Moon Void off Course: 

This full moon will go void off course early in the evening. It is best to stick to routine tasks, avoiding making any important decisions during the void off course moon. If you can’t “feel” it then perhaps don’t indulge until the moon settles into Pisces in the morning of August 11 2014. 


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