SGC Admin: What a sad day it is when folk steal stuff from by gone days… Especially sad is that these items were on display at The Region of Durham Headquarters…. a place one would expect such items to be more then safe… 😦

The items stolen were on loan to the location from Camp X thanks to Mr. Hodgson and Lynn Philip Hodgson. These dedicated people opted to display them at the Regional Headquarters, so the general public could view them for Free and perhaps learn a little something about the incredible men and women who played such an integral role during the 2nd world war right here in our backyard of Whitby/Oshawa, Ontario. 

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Copyright : Daniel Villeneuve

Camp X was a 2nd world War spy school for Canadian and American secret agents was in operation from 1941 to 1946 and then again up until 1969. Camp X was also used as a top-secret communications relay for sensitive information and was located near Lake Ontario on the border between Whitby and Oshawa. 

If it wasn’t for the brave men and women of the 2nd world war who went above and beyond the call the duty we would not be enjoying the life we have today…. It wasn’t the leaders, the prime minister’s, Presidents, Kings or Queens, nor the military personal who issued orders from “on high” that fought our war, it was regular hard-working, family & freedom loving folk that fought and won. This cannot ever be forgotten or disrespected, and the knowledge of the sacrifices that have been made must be passed on to our children. 

SGC Staff, ask that we all keep our eyes and ears open regarding the missing items and contact the police (Sergeant Bill Clader) as soon as possible to relay your information. If you are a collector and someone tries to sell you the items, please do the right thing… 

Sometimes, the young do things they regret later, sometimes they do things without fully understanding the consequences of their actions or the upset their actions may produce… If this is the case, anonymously returning the items may be suggested. 

What went missing: (Pictures are generic and do not present actual items stolen)

Time is money concept Stock Photo - 9102415
Copyright : nejron

About 20 pieces of European Currency (paper money)… This was used by the agents, which was sown into their clothing to be used to buy themselves out of trouble when behind enemy lines. 

Gold scarf Stock Photo - 5667298
Copyright : miltonia

An irreplaceable silk scarf. This particular scarf had a map of European countries printed on it, which would be worn by the agents under a shirt. When the agent was dropped into a foreign country they would use the scarf/map to guide them. The Scarf dates back to 1943. 

Please Click Here to visit Camp X official website. 

Source: Whitby This Week: June 12 Edition: Jillian Follert:

One thought on “Camp X Artifacts Stolen from Durham Region Head Quarters…

  1. We haven’t heard any news about the missing items 😦 … please share with us if you hear anything… .it would be so wonderful to get these items back in safe keeping…


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