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This new moon sees additional factors as Venus moves into the sign of Taurus later in the evening., and Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer tomorrow (May 29 2014).

Venus is comfortable in Taurus as she rules this sign, and she may encourage some of us to spend more or indulge ourselves in luxury, be it food, wine or material possessions..

As Taurus rules the 2nd house relating to finances, they may be some conflicting thoughts/actions regarding our spending habits.

A happy balance between spending and saving is recommended at all times, but especially now. 

Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer on May 29 2014 in the early hours of the morning.

Mercury the planet of communication may “incite” the sensitive Cancer to biting remarks when she feels threatened, however, the remarks may also be cleverly disguised so the recipient isn’t quite sure if they heard right. It is suggested we take with our words and be aware of our feelings, making sure we aren’t over doing it before coming to conclusions. 🙂 

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May 28 2014: 

  • New Moon in Gemini: 
  • Venus moves into the sign of Taurus later this evening: 
  • Venus rules Taurus: 
  • Venus relates to beauty and money. 
  • Taurus loves luxury. 
  • Likely to have more effect on the following: 
  • Sun in Libra: Sun in Taurus: Sun in Gemini:
  • Venus in Libra: Venus in Taurus: 
  • Planets in the 2nd 3rd and 7th houses: 
  • Aspects to Venus: 
  • Moon in Gemini: 
  • Mercury in Gemini: 
  • Aspects to Moon:

May 29 2014:

  • Mercury moves in to Cancer: 
  • Cancer is ruled by the Moon:
  • The Moon relates to our reactions and emotions:
  • Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini:
  • As of today’s date the Sun and Moon are both in Gemini: 
  • Mercury relates to communications: 
  • Likely to have more effect on the following
  • Mercury in Cancer: Mercury in Virgo: Mercury in Gemini:
  • Moon in Cancer: 
  • Sun in Gemini: Sun in Cancer: 
  • Planets in the 3rd and 4th houses. 
  • Aspects to Mercury:


© Greta McKenzie 05/28/2014


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