SGC Admin: Are you looking for a fun book for your children this Christmas, or perhaps you have a niece, nephew or grandchild to buy for … Check out the following,  received in our inbox from Lesley Phillips Ph.D. Author and Spiritual Teacher

Please contact Lesley via her website, phone number below or Click Here to send her an email if you are interested in purchasing this book.

“The Midas Tree”



It is a great option for parents who are keen to have more resources to teach spiritual values to their children that are not clouded by conventional religious beliefs.  The book was given to me as a spiritual download. The characters are nature spirits and animals, who are the keepers of ancient secrets that allow the hero Joshua to overcome his challenges. There are many great teachings embedded within the story. It’s a great book for the family to read together and discuss –

here’s some reviews

The book is also being enjoyed by adults, who say it reminds them of great classics like  “The Celestine Prophecy,” “Harry Potter, ” “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “Alice in Wonderland”

Contact: 604 259 8473

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