SGC Admin: We are delighted to introduce Heather Burton’s fabulous new CD… Original poetry set to Chakra Bowl Music… 

Heather is a gentle and kind soul, whose main focus is helping others to feel better. She has devoted her time to learning multiple healing techniques and has finally got the chance to put her poetry on CD, another way of offering healing… 

Talk a walk over to her website to have a listen to Heather’s first CD, to view her healing options or to get a better feel for who Heather is… 🙂 

Please order the CD through Heather’s website and contact Heather directly via her email address below. 🙂

Image Used with permission

Divine Inspiration – The Soul’s Life Journey – My first CD!

By Heather Burton

Original Poetry with Chakra Bowl Music

© Heather Burton 2013.  Produced in Canada.  All rights reserved.


Heather Burton is a Holistic Health Practitioner.  She is a Certified Foot Reflexologist and has been in business for 9 ½ years.  The services she provides are Reiki & Chakra energy work, Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology and Raindrop technique with essential oils or Aromatherapy. 

Heather has written poetry most of her life as a means of expressing her own growth and self-development.  Her faith is very important to her and it is reflected in her poetry.  One of Heather’s dreams was to share her poetry with others.  This summer she recorded a CD of 5 poems with chakra bowl music.  The total length of the CD is 19:53 minutes and is just the right timing for those that enjoy guided meditation.

Description of the CD:

This living poetry reflects the essence of what God has spoken directly to my heart and overflowed from my soul. 

  • Each poem contains images that come to life as you listen with openness in solitude.
  • Relax and enjoy as part of meditation to assist your journey as you discover the connection of body, mind and spirit in your life. 

I believe this is a wonderful gift from God that I have been given to share with others.  The sweet sound of the chakra bowls resonates through the music deepening the meaning of the poetry and creating new opportunities to open up to your journey in life.

Benefits of the CD:

  • Through meditation, the sweet sound of the chakra bowls resonates through the music to deepen relaxation.
  • The chakra bowls may assist the balancing of the chakras or 7 energy centers in the body.
  • If you are going through hard times, this could be a light in the darkness.
  • The poetry can help reconnect you with your own body, mind & spirit.
  • The chakra bowl music deepens the meaning of the poetry creating new opportunities to open up to your journey in life.

Here is what people are saying about the CD:

  • The CD was very powerful and it helped me with guided meditation.  The arrangement of the poems and the length of the CD is perfect.  I know I will be listening to it over and over again.  Susan Webster, Aesthetician and Hair dresser.
  • The CD was relaxing and I listened to it at bedtime and it helped me to fall asleep.  Audrey  
  • The CD was comforting and it helped me to fall asleep when my mind was churning as I await surgery.  Germaine
  • The CD gave me comfort and assurance because of the spiritual way the CD was presented and the biblical source.  Dorothy 

Description of Poems from the CD:

1.  Source of All Life & Energy – Healing the body as an adult by reclaiming your soul in physical form as a being of this earth.

2.  Journey to the Centre of my Soul – The journey inward to feel the connection with your inner self.  The essence of who you are in your soul’s divine light.

3.  Journey Into Light – connecting deeply with the soul to reunite the soul spirit with the body, bringing new life, love & joy in your life.

4.  Fill Your Soul with Life Giving Water – Connecting to the divine spirit that flows; the life force of all life that flows through each of us.

5.  Opening the Door to Your Dreams – Living life with your Soul at your centre.  Opening to abundance and dreams come true.

Instrument accompaniment:  Crystal Chakra Bowls, Tibetan Chakra Bowls, Xylophone, Native Drum, Rain Stick and Tingshas.

Divine Inspiration – The Soul’s Life Journey CD’s                 $12.00

CD’s can be picked up or will be dropped off if in the Whitby – Oshawa area

or they may be mailed for $3.00 to other areas.

A sample of the poetry and digital download of the whole CD or individual poems

can be purchased online from my website at:

Contact information for Heather Burton 



phone:  289-240-1942

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