The  full moon happen’s on August 20 2013 in the sign of  Aquarius.

Atlas mountains Stock Photo - 6495117 photographer: Plamen Petrov

Our lovely lady is happy to settle into the sign of Aquarius for the next few days…

The Full Moon is the perfect time to finish up on projects and get those loose ends sorted out… Traditionally the Full Moon is not  the best time to begin new projects… so don’t start a new exercise regime this weekend, chances are you won’t stick with it, wait for the New Moon to pop up again… :)

The moon will only be in Aquarius for a short time but never the less we may still feel the influence of Aquarius. We will no doubt also feel the influence of Pisces, when she visits this sign at 12:43 am August 21 after being void off course from 9:45 pm August 20. 

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Cartoon illustration of Aquarius girl Stock Photo - 11917267 Illustrator: rudall30

The Full Moon in Aquarius:

You might feel like taking risks now or doing things out of the ordinary for you, perhaps you have plans to surprise someone? … be sure you don’t get too carried away though, it’s great to try something new, but not so great if there are negative consequences. And sometimes what you think may be just a “surprise” might turn out to be a shock to someone else… 🙂 If you are being bombarded with fantastic ideas, writing them down might help lessen the “noise” And you may need your notes in the future… 

Happy cartoon Pisces isolated on a blue background. Zodiac star sign. Stock Photo - 3966053 Tatyana Okhitina

The Full Moon in Pisces...

Take care, it might be all too easy to fall into the escapism trap, you know, over indulging in alcohol/drugs, burying your head in the sand, anything to get away from the harshness of life… Getting caught up or mixed up in emotional going’s on may also be easier to do now, as you may be emotionally vulnerable. On the spiritual side of things, it’s a great time for prayer and meditation, for listening to your intuition. If you are feeling extra charitable towards those less fortunate than yourself, do what you can, when you can, but stay within your budget, be that in time or money. If you have a Pisces personal planet (sun, moon) be sure to read the label of all medications before ingesting, you could be prone to negative reactions under this full moon. 

Moon in the 10th house: Focus likely on: Career, work, vocation, reputation, public image: When the full moon falls in this house, these are the area’s of life that are most likely to affected by behaviour, reactions and actions exhibited. 


When the moon is void off course we can be unsure as to how we are really feeling about something or something, it’s therefore advisable to stick to routine tasks at this time. If any legal documents or long-term commitments are in the picture take care to make sure you understand everything that is involved before signing… Delaying important decisions and commitments is highly recommended when the moon is void off course… 

Those likely to most affected by this month’s full moon are those with the following: 

Sun or Moon in Aquarius: Sun or Moon in Pisces: Ruling planet Uranus: Sun or Moon in 10th house

Negative aspects may produce challenging times, whereas positive aspects may produce windows of opportunity. 

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