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KimberLee Schaumburg, CNP, CEMP of Healing Spirit Nutrition is the facilitator of  holistic cooking classes.
Please contact Kimberlee directly if you are interested in any of the following to find out future class dates.  
 Please view Kimberlee’s write up (below) regarding past classes… 🙂 


This past weekend’s classes were a great success and hit.  Here’s what one attendee shared “Thanks again for the holistic cooking class on Saturday, it was really great and lots of useful information.”
And there were enough of you who were interested but couldn’t make it that I thought offering it again this month might work for you this time.
Recap on the class:
Having digestion issues?
Feeling worn out?
Have some serious health issues weighing you down?
Don’t know what to eat anymore or lost interest in cooking?
Do you fall asleep after eating?
Bored with the same boring breakfast?
Want some quick and easy, but still super healthy recipes?
If you answeredyes’ to any of these questions, then this is the class for you!
We will be sampling and discussing 6 energizing, easy-to-make menu items to help you and your body meet the demands of our busy lifestyles.
We will discuss specific ingredients as to their health benefits and learn tips for preparing food to protect its nutrition.
This is an info-packed class were we will be discussing a wide variety of topics from antioxidants, superfoods, digestion support, detoxification, veganizing your baked goods, organics, eating environmentally, and nourishing the mind, body, spirit connection, to name just a few.
 (SGC Admin: please note this menu reflects past classes)
The menu will include:
Ginger Goji Lemonade
Red Fruit & Veggie Smoothie
Live Cream of Carrot Soup
Multi-Vitamin Powerhouse Chopped Salad
Deep-Dish Skillet Pizza
Blueberry Pineapple Coconut Milk Kefir “Ice Cream” (non-dairy)
This menu allows for a lite breakfast and at the end a light lunch with dessert.
All are gluten-free, live-raw, and dairy-free except one, but I will be giving a dairy-free option in the recipe.
Detoxification Demystified: Cleanse, Drain and Detox
Come learn about the various ways to assist the body in healing itself thru cleansing, drainage and detoxification.  We’ll be discussing what detoxification is and isn’t, why it is important to health and healing, how to assess your toxicity and need for detoxification, the various types of detoxification tools available from diets to fasts to herbs to kits, the best approach and what to expect from various types of cleansing, drainage and detoxification protocols.
Your take-home handout will contain lots of useful tips, information and recipes that contain specific foods and dishes that support cleansing, drainage and detoxification.
 (SGC Admin: please note this menu reflects past classes)
The menu will include:
Beautiful Bone Solution Juice
Morning Energizer Juice
Dandelion and Asparagus Soup
Cilantro Chelating Pesto
Arugula Tangerine Salad
Arame Sweet Potato Slaw
This menu allows for a lite liquid breakfast and at the end a light lunch.
All are gluten-free, live-raw (except one), and dairy-free except one, but I will be giving a dairy-free option in the recipe.
Class Cost:                   $50 per person (no tax)
Location:                          Ajax
Please call or email KimberLee to register, 905-626-1336, and let’s put the ‘spring’ back into your step and lifestyle!
While most of the recipes are nut-free, my home and equipment used to prepare these dishes are not.  Please advise of any allergy concerns.
Looking forward to sharing some more useful and helpful information.
     KimberLee Schaumburg, CNP, CEMP

Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Energy Medicine Practitioner,

                         Holistic Chef & Speaker


3 thoughts on “Healing Spirit Nutrition: Holistic Cooking Classes

  1. Hi kimberlee , we come and pick up coconut milk from you usually i will need some again . I also have a question. Irma has high blood pressure she wants to treat it naturally. She fainted on tuesday after taking a natural pill called pressure lo. She mixed it with water and cayenne pepper she doesn’t know why she put the cayenne pepper. We went to the hospital they took lots of blood test everything came up ok . This is the 2nd time she faints in 2 years. Can tarot card tell us what we can do to improve her health. Open to any idea you may have. She doesn’t like the regular medical system. Thanks diane


    1. Thanks Diane for visiting SGC we truly appreciate it I have forwarded your comments on to Kimberlee and I am sure she will be in touch with you very soon.

      Have a fabulous friday…
      Greta Mckenzie SGC Admin


    2. Hi Diane…

      I emailed Kimberlee re: your msg here… 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us at SGC .. we hope you come back and visit with us again soon…

      Have a fabulous day
      SGC Admin: Greta


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