Astrology and how it works in our daily life: Transiting Venus moves into Virgo July 2015


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Astrological “Event“: Transiting Venus moves into Virgo

July 18 to October 9 2015

6:38 pm (ET) 3:38 pm (PT)

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  • What does it mean?
  • Venus is the planet of money and beauty, she is the most feminine of the planets and is sometimes referred to as the “Goddess of Love” She rules Libra and Taurus.
  • Virgo is concerned with being of service to others, she can see every little detail and is critical of herself and sometimes of others. Because she can see the details that others miss, she also tends to worry more than the rest too. 
  • It’s easier to get along with our co-workers under this influence. Venus is charming and desires a harmonious atmosphere, Virgo wants to get her work done, and she wants to do a good job. 
  • Making our work place “pretty” may be on the agenda
  • This may not be the best time to begin a serious romantic relationship, although a flirtatious one may prove to be fun and uplifting… as long as worry/expectations are kept out of the picture. 
  • Some folks may take more of an interest in their health, indicating this could be a good time to begin an exercise routine or begin eating a bit healthier… every positive life style change is a good one, no matter how small. 
  • Those who work in any type of service industry may come across to their customers/clients as being helpful, soothing and or charming. Indicating this could be a good time for bonus’s, tip’s and little extras… 
  • For some folk concern over money matters, especially in area of small business may be on the top of  the worry list. However, it is suggested these guys, take a deep breath and get a workable budget in order before they give up the ghost completely. 
  • We can be more service orientated now, and or transfixed on doing what is needed in order to get a “much needed” small business venture off of the ground, especially if it concerns being of service to others. 
  • This can be an influence for the good, so watch for opportunity regarding work, service to others, and the medical field. 
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