Tranquil Garden Events August 2014

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Soul Healing Miracles for Healing and Transforming Relationships
Saturday August 23rd, 10:30am
with Master Lynne Nusyna
Are you experiencing challenges in your relationships with your partner, colleague, family member … your boss?  Join Master Lynne Nusyna to learn the soul secrets and sacred practices to transform relationships.  During this profound interactive workshop you will learn how to transform your relationships and restore balance and harmony in your life.  More information 
Free Child of Light Meditation
Monday August 25th, 7pm
with Rachelle Foster
In this busy and stressful life it is often difficult to find time to restore balance and harmony in our lives.  This lovely guided meditation assists participants to focus on fundamental concepts that we tend to forge ~  that we arise from the Mother-Father in whatever pantheistic form(s) we ascribe to; that there is inherent good in each of us; that by honoring ourselves, and each other we grow stronger, as well as become more peaceful and happy in our existence.   Register HERE
How to Ditch PMS and Get Happy!
Monday August 25th, 5:30pm
with Robin Srigley, The Hormone Diva
Do PMS cravings send you straight for the cookies and salty snacks each month? Do you experience crazy mood swings, anxiety, depression, or weepiness on a monthly basis?  You are NOT alone! Join Robyn Srigley – The Hormone Diva to find out how you can alleviate your PMS stress!    More Information HERE!
Free Intro to Access Bars
Wednesday August 27th, 7pm
with Shiraz Baboo of Energetic Magic 
In this one hour intro, Shiraz will be explaining the basics about this healing modality that’s easy to learn and fun. Bars is a 32 point system on the head that once activated starts to delete the old patterns you are now ready to release.  The full certification course will be on Saturday September 6th.  Learn More...
Free Reiki Exchange
Thursday August 25th, 7pm
with Empowerment Coach Traci Trimble 
Curious about Reiki?  Experienced in Reiki and want to share and discuss with other like-minded people?  Join us every month for this information session with hands on treatments between participants. Reserve Your Space today
Guided Meditation
Thursday September 4th, 6:45pm
with Empowerment Coach Traci Trimble 
Join us for a relaxing Guided Meditation experience on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.  An excellent way to de-stress, relax and get connected.  Suitable for experienced and those new to Meditation. Maximum of 12 people. Reserve Your Space today
Access Bars Certification Course
Saturday September 6th, 9am
with Shiraz Baboo of Energetic Magic
This is not just a class where you will learn this technique of healing. It is 8 hours of removing limitations from your life!  We will look at any areas you feel you’d like to change and start removing the blocks that are keeping you from living the life you desire!. Click here to learn more and register…
All Events are held at The Tranquil Garden in Oshawa.
Please contact The Tranquil Garden directly to sign up or find out more information on the any the events listed… 🙂 
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