Astrology and how it works in our daily life: Transiting Neptune Retrograde June 2020


Astrological “Event“: Transiting Neptune goes Retrograde

Date: June 22/23 to November 28 2020

Time: 9:31 pm (PT, June 22) 12:31 am (ET, June 23) 

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  • What does it mean?
  • Neptune is the planet of our dreams, day dreams and fantasy.
  • She can be psychic, compassionate and forgiving.
  • She can also be gullible and expect more than reality can provide.
  • The ruler of Pisces.
  • Neptune is romantic, nostalgic and magical.
  • Neptune also has a bearing on our immune systems, watch out for virus’s and toxins infiltrating our body and our eco-systems.

Neptune Retrograde: 

  • We can reach within ourselves now, making this a good time for internal healing. However, those with strong Pisces/Neptune traits, should take care not to allow themselves to get too carried away into the world of dreams 🙂 … 
  • Healers, nurses, counselors and those who work for the common good may feel more connected or at peace with the work they do. 
  • Getting things ticked off of the “bucket list” should go easier under this influence.. 🙂 
  • For some, the harshness of reality may be a challenge to deal with on a everyday basis. Being aware of the method of “escapism” used, is recommended for those who have negative reactions to alcohol, certain foods or prescription drugs. Staying connected with a grounded type personality may help.
  • Taking care of our health and being aware of the beauty/work of mother nature is recommended. 
  • This Astrological “event” will have a slight effect on all of us, but will have a stronger effect on those who have any of the following in their birth charts:
  • Sun in Pisces:
  • Moon in Pisces:
  • Neptune in Pisces:
  • Ascendant in Pisces:
  • Mid-heaven in Pisces: 
  • Aspects to Pisces: 

Neptune Turns Direct On November 28 2020:

We should be able to make better sense out of our dream and fantasy world now… We can see what’s real and what isn’t… This will help us to make concrete goals, it will also let us know what we should be putting our time and energy into and what we must either let go of … or put away until the time is right… Those with a strong Pisces or Neptune influence in their charts may feel a sense of a relief as this dreamy planet gets back on track again.. 

copyright: Greta McKenzie astrology 06/17/2020