Celestial Messages is offering 50% off her Angel Reading for the Summer

SGC Admin: Hi folks… Lovely Nicole of Celestial Messages is offering folks 50% off of a specially selected Angel reading for the summer only. 

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The reading being offered will focus on your “spiritual lesson, which archangel’s energy is there to assist and some insight into the past, present and future”

Anyone may order this reading at the regular price of $40:00. 🙂 

However, Nicole is a long time friend and supporter of SGC and she is kindly offering SGC followers and supporters this reading at $20:00.

All you need do to qualify for this price is let Nicole know that we (SGC, Serenity’s Gift Cove) sent you….  email us by clicking here to receive your “invite” to this fabulous summer deal. 




July 29, 2013 ~ What’s all the Hype about?

SGC Admin… Please see the following post (by clicking on the link) from one of our fellow bloggers,  Celestial Messages … it’s an interesting look into the astrological event of July 29 2013 the almost complete Grand Sextile… Thanks for posting this Celestial Messages… 🙂

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July 29, 2013 ~ What’s all the Hype about?.

Rebloged from Celestial Messages: Dream~June 26, 2013

SGC Admin: We are happy to share today’s reading from Celestial Messages… Nicole K. reader and healer is a gentle and charming young lady who is passionate about helping others…

Please click on the Link below to visit Celestial Message Website… 🙂 

Picture from Celestial Messages Home Page: Used with permission:

 Nicole is a Certified Angel Therapist and a Shamanic Reiki practitioner:

Today the energy of yesterday is being carried over.

The universe is telling you that now is the time to dream big.

If you weren’t afraid of anything what would you accomplish?

You are capable of manifesting a wonderful life for yourself.

Dream~June 26, 2013.

Angel Card ~Sept. 20, 2012~ Focus on Divine and Perfect Health

Post Date September 20 2012: 

From the Editor: 

Please click on the link below to take you to a lovely Angel website called Celestial Message. It’s inspirational, yet gentle and can help you get through the rough spots… 

Got a question or concern, maybe an Angel reading is what you need to help clear the way, if so contact the Angel who operates Celestial Messages… 🙂 

Graphics from Celestial Messages website. 

Angel Card ~Sept. 20, 2012~ Focus on Divine and Perfect Health.