Hello everyone… 🙂

Thank you for following us throughout the years, and to our new followers, welcome on board… 🙂

We apologize for not posting our updates for the last few days… Christmas got a hold of us and there wasn’t enough time or energy to get the updates done… 🙂 but we will get back on track real soon…

As we move towards the end of this year, we understand we aren’t “out of the woods” yet in regard to COVID-19… it’s been a crazy year, and we have become more divided, it is not just politics and the climate crisis, we now face a division when it comes to this virus… 😦

No matter what we may think is true or real, we will still have to bide by the restrictions in place, so lets try and do so with goodness, with kindness and lets work with the “light” lets not encourage the “darkness” 🙂 we can do that I know we can…

And to those who may have lost loved ones during this awful year, our hearts go out to you and we ask you, in your sadness, to keep in mind that once a loved one “leaves” us, we are never without them, because they remain for ever in our hearts and in our memories… our task, as we live on, is to keep them with us by talking about them with others…

Here’s to a much healthier and happier 2021 for everyone… 🙂

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