SGC Admin: 

Romantic couple enjoy their vacation on the beach Stock Photo - 12481483; Illustrator angelha

Hi folks… we are in vacation mode from January 21 to March 3 2020

We will be checking our emails periodically so please don’t hesitate to place your order at any time… however, your order will not be processed until after March 3.. (orders are processed as they come in)… 

Thanks to all who continue to support SGC, we truly appreciate you all… 🙂

We welcome you to check out SGC2:

SGC2 is geared towards showcasing made in Canada & US products,

especially those that are hand/home-made… 

For a small fee We will showcase your item on SGC2,

  1. (monthly, semi-annually or annually)
  2. or a mutually (between SGC and you the client) agreed upon consignment (by item sold) fee.

If your item sells:

  1. you can either accept payment directly from your customer,
  2. or we can collect it for you via our pay pal account…

You are always responsible for delivery to your customer 🙂 we never hold your stock, we just showcase it for you… 🙂 

Please email us at: with your questions… 🙂 


Please feel free to comment on our posts:

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