Exploring Energy Healing
Monthly Sessions



Are you ready to EXPLORE the world of Energy Healing?  Join Traci Trimble, PhD as your Spiritual Guide…

The programming called Exploring Energy Healing (EEH) is an opportunity for like-minded people to gather together in sacred circle to learn, to heal and to share.
My name is Traci Trimble and I am a Metaphysician in the field of Energy Psychology.  I hold a PhD in Energy Medicine and am in the process of receiving my PhD in Metaphysical Counseling. I am passionate about sharing the empowering and impactful information that I have collected on my journey.  My purpose is to teach you to heal yourself, to transition through emotional trauma through Self awareness and to live a life of happiness and prosperity.
In these 90 minute and/or 3 hour session I share my expertise by teaching from the ground up on topics such as:
– 4 stages of Conscious Awareness
– 4 levels of Human Being Spiritual
– Ego & Soul in Harmony
– Truth vs Reality
– The Awareness Gap – Where are you at right now?
– Chakra Basics
– Spiritual Bypassing
I will be offering 3 different sessions of this program per month.  The first is on the 1st Thursday of every month and it is 3 hours for the cost of $45 + HST.
The TWO NEW session will be 90 minutes, the topic determined by the group on the evening of the event and will take place on the 2nd Monday and the 4th Thursday from 7pm – 8:30pm.  Drop in cost is $15+HST, a 4 pk is $48+HST and the best deal is a year for $120+HST
1st THURSDAY MONTHLY; 6pm – 9pm;  $45+HST
2nd MONDAY MONTHLY; 7pm – 8:30pm; to drop in $15; 4 pk $48+HST
4th THURSDAY MONTHLY; 7pm – 8:30pm; to drop in $15; 4 pk $48+HST

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