Lovely, “Libra Seeking Balance”… 🙂 We really enjoyed this post, thanks so much …
we wish you a joyous Winter Solstice.. the SGC Team…

Libra Seeking Balance

Mars in Libra

From the time the Moon arrived in Libra yesterday evening, she makes no major aspects until late this evening when she will square Mercury in Capricorn. She was inconjunct Mars in Pisces around midnight and will be inconjunct Neptune in Pisces during the afternoon but contacts between Libra and Pisces tend to be understated and non-confrontational. If anything, what we might experience is a feeling of lethargy. Talking issues over with a close friend or partner is constructive today. 🌠☾♎🌠

The Solstice is here and the Sun moved into Capricorn well before dawn. The shift from outspoken Sagittarius to reserved Capricorn is one that takes some getting used every year. It usually hits home after the Holidays are behind us and cold, dark January is upon us here in the northern latitudes. This is a good time of year to work on a project that demands our full attention since no one…

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