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dolphin ceramic blue oil burner2Cute Scent Burner… there are 3 dolphins “holding up” the small bowl. Essential oils or wax scenters are popped in the bowl. A lit tea-lite underneath in the body of the item heats up the oil/wax and viola!  your space will smell delightful in no time at all… 🙂 

This item comes in two pieces, and is fragile. While we will take every effort to make sure this product is shipped safely, we strongly recommend that this item be picked up if possible… 🙂 

  • Made of Ceramic with clear finish. 
  • Pick up is available at the Whitby Mall (and area) or the Oshawa Center. 
  • This item is priced at $10:00 for pick up. Please Email usfor details. 
  • This item is priced at ? for shipping, please Email us
  • This item is NOT made in Canada or the USA. 

Payment methods accepted by SGC2: 

  • Credit Card or Debit…

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