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Hi 🙂

In America, July is the month that we celebrate our independence.

The first three weeks in July are ruled by the sun sign Cancer, so July carries ‘family’ energy. We barbecue, swim, gather with friends, and family, making memories and creating our versions of heaven.

The versions of ‘heaven’ that we are creating are the moments that, when we die, we will re-experience. So, when you wonder what a deceased loved one does with their time, when they’re not spending it around us, they are doing the things they loved the most.

They are ‘getting married’, or playing with their small children, celebrating Christmas, any moment that was one of the happiest days of their lives.  
So, make sure that you’re reveling in life, and building up your library of moments to re-visit when you die.
BIG NEWS, we have launched the all Much of the old content is still available. I am adding videos and new content each week.
– Allison DuBois

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