hmmm Jupiter turned direct… there is definitely something going on… some folks appear to be going through some rather emotional times these past 2 days… Thanks Melanie 🙂 “be like water, and go with the flow”

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4 RVirgo, and Mercury, by Johfra Bosschart


Ahh, one of the five(!) Retro Planets turns around todayJUPITER, after its yearly 4-months retro trip, since Jan 7 (just before the epic CAP New Moon with PLUTO, on Jan 9).

JUPITER Retro has shown us how to source the gifts from within that JUPITER ‘promises’.

And with VIRGO, the emphasis has been on know-how / ‘how to’ / d.i.y., being skillful and self sufficient. Which could have become somewhat frustrating and challenging when JUPITER in VIRGO gave us a sense of “What expands (JUPITER) are problems (VIRGO), esp. in the field of health, wellness, functionality. “Things don’t work, and there’s just so much to do, all the time.” Familiar?

Well, yeah, JUPITER is not (as the reputation of the Archetype, or shall I say: stereotype, might suggest) just a ‘benefactor’ per se, like a Santa Claus effect when the…

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One thought on “* JUPITER in VIR Goes Direct on May 9: Awareness, Refinement, and Alignment Bring Benefits.

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