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A Spiritually Based Positive Mental Attitude
Creating Inner Awareness; Experiencing Outer Success
Although I have been consciously cultivating my inner awareness for the last¬†15 years¬†and assisting others as a Spiritual Guide over the last¬†decade, it was only recently, through my studies to become a Doctor of Metaphysics and also through my connection to the late Dr. Paul Leon Masters, that I¬†have been¬†able to succinctly sum up what I have created within the entire body of my personal development and growth work…

“I have created an inner awareness that¬†maintains my¬†outer success through the cultivation of a¬†Spiritually based Positive Mental Attitude.”

As you can see above, I am now able to, in a single sentence, describe the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual¬†“work” that I have been doing in order to feel whole within my own existence as a spiritual being in human form. ¬†Through becoming intimately connected to both my personal self /ego based experiences and needs as well as (and at the same time)¬†intimately connected to both my universal self¬†/spiritual based experiences and needs I have built a solid foundation that supports me in the navigation of my everyday life – ¬†where no matter the experience – I am able to see it for what it is and not what I have the subjective potential to both positively or negatively create it to be.
I have truly discovered how to maintain the perception of all that life is with a¬†Spiritually based Positive Mental Attitude. Does that mean that my life is perfect? Certainly if we are engaging the the framing of each experience as simply good or bad… then no, it is impossible, nor would I want my life to be perfect. ¬†I have come to understand the importance of the yin and yang philosophy of the flow of both positive and negative energy. ¬†We have to experience that bad to enjoy the good and vice versa¬†without succumbing to what Dr. Robert Augustus Masters, in his brilliant book by the same name calls “Spiritual Bypassing. ¬†It is essential that we are not allowing the new age, often misinterpreted or “dumbed down” version of spirituality to disconnect us from what really matters…
What is a Spiritually based positive mental attitude
A spiritually based positive mental attitude doesn’t mean only seeing the positive in everything – no matter what the experience, nor does it mean faking it until you make it and it certainly does not mean blindly accepting that everything happens for a reason. These are all prime examples of¬†spiritual bypassing that is being perpetuated through the misunderstanding of mystical knowledge¬†in¬†the westernized 21st century.
In fact, being a spiritually based positive mental attitude¬†is… ¬†READ MORE HERE
at the end of the article you can TAKE THE QUIZ: 4 Levels of Conscious Spiritual Self Awareness, to determine where are you right now?
P.S – I left the article “Spiritual Bypassing” by Bo Heinmann in the newsletter from last month; ¬†if you read it – read it again… If not, it is WELL worth the 10 minutes that it will take for you to read it. ¬†xo
~  Traci

Highly Recommended…
Youtube Channel: A-fest – a part of
Mindvalley is an incredible wealth of Spiritually based life altering tidbits (3 minute to 3 months worth of videos, e-books, classes and courses.)  Each month they have even an incredibly empowering FREE master class giving us access to the best of the best in personal and business development.
Their Youtube channels, which include A-fest (a review of their week long annual conference), Soulvana, Mindvalley and Omvana are LOADED with brilliant information you can easily use for creating and maintaining inner awareness in all areas of your life!
The founder, Vishen Lakhiani, is a most generous soul, continually striving to deliver content that is life altering. ¬†The current content on A-fest is focused around the elimination, understanding and dis-empowering effects of negativity. ¬†What I love about all of the Mindvalley content is that if you are consciously aware of doing “your work” ¬†it does not push you into a place of Spiritual Bypassing – a place where you fall victim to Spirituality being an excuse for not getting deep into your True Self and doing the work!
If you have not already checkout MINDVALLEY
Spiritual Bypassing
 article by Bo Heimann
Bo Heimann, writes,”In the book¬†Spiritual Bypassing, Robert Masters has written about an important wake up call to all people with spiritual inclinations. It is a wake up call that rings true, and is aligned with what genuine Buddhist masters have always taught: do not think you can jump to the top of the ladder.
Robert Masters points to a range of unhealthy traits that may arise from unfounded and non-guided spiritual training: Excessive detachment ability; One-sided focus on positive thinking; Fear of anger and artificial kindness; Neglect of emotions; Difficulty in setting limits; No interest in real psychotherapeutic work; An intellectual intelligence that is far ahead of the emotional and moral intelligence; Focus on the absolute rather than the relative and personal; Somewhat inflated ideas about their own cognitive level.
Is there an alarm bell ringing? Are you able to say that you are completely free? Every genuine master whom I have had the luxury of receiving teachings from has always stressed that we need to cultivate from the inside out. With the concept of bypassing, Masters describes how many so-called spiritual people is missing out on imperative psychological development. He compares it to being hoisted down to the mountaintop by a helicopter. We end up without a reliable or firm foundation. Our view is not deserved nor supported from within, but bought and achieved without the appropriate foundational work. We simply have to climb all the way to the top if we really want to be free.
In the book, he points to a number of ways in which we tend to use spirituality as a numbing escape route. Firstly, he points to the fact that there are no easy shortcuts, even though quite a few contemporary spiritual teachers and schools seem to think so. As it is said, we just have to be present in the now.
As Masters notes, it is nevertheless the case that not many of us can or will not accept that”¬†READ MORE…
Upcoming Events

Reiki 1st Degree Certification
Reiki Shoden
Your initial introduction to Reiki is meant to be a special time in your life. ¬†It is a time to be cherished; a time to find your own unique connection to Universal Life Force Energy. ¬†All too often, in our busy society, this “moment” is not experienced but often rushed through in order to get a piece of paper.
My Reiki Shoden 1st Degree Certification is a 12 hour discovery experience designed not only to teach you traditional Usui Teate Reiki but also to immerse you in the tools and skills required to establish a life long connection to “Energy”. ¬†This program, your 1st Degree, is all about creating a solid foundation for Self Love and Self Care. ¬†It is ALL about you! ¬†Trust your intuition and follow your desire to connect to Universal Life Force Energy. ¬†Let me be your Teacher, Guide and Mentor as you embark on this life long journey of Spiritual Self Awareness.
The NEXT session is February 15 & 16 and March 14th. ¬†A 2nd Degree certification program is also in the calendar¬†for April. ¬†My dates, times or location do not work for you. ¬†No worries ~ check out my¬†Customization process… you will love it!
~ Traci Trimble, Reiki Shinpinden (Master Teacher)
*** The next Shoden session begins February 15th from 6pm to 10pm, followed by a session February 16th from 6pm Р10pm with a 3 week break for you to practice your technique then rejoin the group on March 14th 6pm Р10pm.  Find the detailsand/or to register go  here 

Empowerment Series for Woman
Inner Awareness brings Outer Success
For February 2016, the Empowerment Series for Women is focused on… you guessed it – the tools used to create a sold foundation for maintaining a Spiritually based positive mental attitude that brings with it a balanced, peaceful connection to Self while at the same time allows one to go deep into Self to experience, understand and release the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies perceived as negative that are seemingly messing up our lives…
Exploring Energy Healing discussion group:
* discover the ways in which Universal Life Force Energy influences our lives; with or without our knowledge.  Ask questions and find answers, learn new ways of using energy for your highest good and connect to your True and Authentic Self.
This month we explore CHAKRA BALANCING; learning the basics of each chakra and working through our own personal issues as a group.
Soul Healing Circle Talk Therapy sessions:
* this is a great therapy session where, as a group, we discuss generalized tools for managing anxiety, depression and chronic pain.  No matter your challenge this support group shows you that you are not alone in your struggles and is a place to get help when sometimes it feels like there is no help to be had.
Guided Meditation sessions:
* this 45 minute guided meditation is an excellent way to relax, unwind and to rejuvenate.  Experience energy work and guided meditation at the same time.
This month we explore opening each CHAKRA in a meditative state.
Find the all of the details for Empowerment Series for Woman here.
You cannot beat the amazing price of $15+HST for 90 minutes to 3 hours of training and coaching. My focus here is to educate women to empower themselves to evolve through Self Awareness ~ body, mind & spirit.  It is a great way to meet new like-minded people on a regular basis, as well as to learn, share, heal, grow and prosper!
Even more… ¬†
In addition to the Empowerment Series I also offer other ongoing monthly programming includingDiscover Your Authentic Self, Conscious Entrepreneur and Reiki Certifications.

Conscious Entrepreneur Program
Next Session beginning March 2016

Have you experienced flashes of success only to succumb to feelings of ¬†overwhelm, unworthiness and self¬†sabotage? ¬†Do you continually ask questions like… Why am I not getting what I am working so hard for? ¬†Why does the success that I know that I desire seem so elusive? ¬†or Why is what I have just not enough or feels like an overwhelming hot mess?

Why? Why? Why? ¬†Well, all of these why’s can be answered with… because You have not create a consciously aware foundation for creating and then maintaining success and prosperity in your life. Yes, it is that easy, once we are able to get out of own way and be the magnificent entrepreneur we were created to be.
Do you want a PROSPEROUS future, that you are PASSION about, all while maintaining BALANCE in your life and THRIVING financially?
If you answered YES… then let me guide you to your True and Authentic Entrepreneurial Self through¬†my custom designed 8 Module/24 hour program where together we will create a solid¬†foundation¬†to your personal¬†practice ~the business¬†that you dream of!
This program is ideal for new service providers who are ready to get serious, for those who are struggling to get to the next level and/or for those who are looking to reinvent themselves into who they were really meant to be.
By combining both proven business and personal development strategies this program has been designed and tested for business growth with a special emphasis on your own personal development and spiritual awareness as the business operator.
“Profound and powerful, The Conscious Entrepreneur program plunged me into exploring my life’s passion and purpose creating a focused and actionable marketing plan for my coaching practice. Filled with tips, tools and resources, I highly recommend The Conscious Entrepreneur program, it is a valuable investment for you and your business.”
~ Christine Boyle, Coach & Mentor, Fusion Enterprises

TO REGISTER click here

Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling
Update on my Studies!

I am so grateful to each of you who reached out to congratulate me on completing my Bachelor of Metaphysical Science.  I would also like to extend a great big loving thanks to those of you who have volunteered to be a part of my study for my Masters of Metaphysical Sciences Thesis.  Everyday of studying and of learning is a day filled with passion and purpose for me.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and the continued support.  Namaste.

As I continue to pursuit my life long learning dream of attaining my Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling (Mc.D) and my Ph.D in Holistic Life Coaching, I am honoured to share with my students what I am learning in Conscious Spiritual Realization, in Metaphysical Principals, in Transcendent Awareness and the Psychology of Consciousness; so I look forward to continue to do so, only in 2017 as:
Dr. Traci Trimble, Mc.D; Ph.D

Traci Trimble 
Business Mentor & Spiritual Guide

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