Aries: Masculine: Fire: Cardinal:

Illustration of Aries zodiac sign in cute cartoon style as a girl holding a sheep and dressed like shepherd Stock Vector - 13035298 Illustration Yulia Sokolova

You Aries folk are what get us all going… ready to explore and move mountains… well for a little while at least… Even though you guys and gals are full of vim and vigor you aren’t really the kind to stick around to the see the completion of your pioneering projects thanks to your lack of patience… You can get bored easily and the next interesting thing/person that comes along can perk up your ears encouraging you to find out more….. You are fun to be around and many may wish they were more like you, but you can have your awkward moments when you forget about the feelings of others as Aries puts your own needs first…. Having a partner that understands this is important, but you need to slow down enough so that he/she can explain to you when you have done “wrong” …  You are the beginning of the Zodiac and as such you are like the child who needs a constant gentle reminder to slow down… :)

Birthday Day Card, Vector Illustration Stock Vector - 9068347 Illustrator adamson

Happy Birthday to: T.J., Maureen, Dennis, Dean, Leah, Steven and all who celebrate an Aries Birthday… Have a fabulous day guys and an awesome year ahead… 🙂 



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