SGC Admin: We found a flyer in our snail mailbox and thought we would share… sounds like a fabulous idea… let us know if you have tried these guys… 🙂 click here to email us

basket with organic fruits and vegetables. Stock Photo - 38811465 Copyright : Sérgio Zacchi

MamaEarth Organics

Reinvigorate Your Diet with a weekly delivery of organic produce from local small-scale farms

Weekly Baskets: 

Single $30

Regular $40

Family $50

Large $60

Customize any basket: No Committment: Delivery is FREE

Benefits of joining: 

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Local
  • Fair Price
  • No Commitment
  • Save Time
  • Family Run Local Business
  • Guaranteed… 

sign up at:

Note: Graphic above is generic and is not intended to present MamaEarth’s baskets… 🙂 

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