December 21  2013 see’s the Winter Solstice


Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn on December 21 2013

Capricorn: Earth: Feminine: Cardinal: 

Zodiac sign Capricorn Stock Photo - 17591103 Illustrator Маргарита Ткаченко

Capricorn people are hard-working and can usually be relied upon to what is required of them as they are duty bound. The career can be the focus of the Capricorn person and they will work long hours to put their best foot forward or to climb the corporate ladder. That’s because their ruling planet Saturn is all about boundaries and restrictions. 

Capricorn people can be strong-willed and sometimes may be viewed as being uncaring or harsh towards those who appear to be less hard-working or who may display (in the mind of the Capricorn) foolish behavior, or who repeatedly make irresponsible decisions. Yet Capricorn people will also go above and beyond to help those they believe warrant their help or expertise. 

Thanks to all the hard-working, sensible, duty bound Capricorn out there for keeping things running and on track….

happy birthday  happy birthday party, happy birthday design  Stock Photo - 15970760 Illustrator tribalium123

A very Happy Birthday to some very special Capricorns: Michelle, Gitta and Natalie and to you if you are celebrating your Capricorn birthday.  

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