SGC Admin: FYI: From our inbox to you… Donna from Natural Wellness Solutions offers seasonal allergy relief and information on GMO domestic grass products. It appears Round-up weed killer is ineffective against weeds that grow in GMO grass… ??!!..

Please contact Donna directly via the phone number below, or visit Natural Wellness Solutions k for more information… 🙂

May your summer be Allergy Free....


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Allergy Alert!Seasonal Allergies

Genetically Engineered Grass & Pollen

Scotts Miracle-Gro is now moving full speed ahead on its GMO yard grass product, and it is now being used all over North America. This is a home consumer yard grass seed which, of course, resists glyphosate (RoundUp), and its introduction into the marketplace has resulted in millions of homeowners across America planting these seeds in their yard and then spraying RoundUp across their entire lawn as a “treatment” for eliminating weeds.

RoundUp, in other words, may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you. And it’s not just the lawns, either: This combination of Scotts GMO grass and RoundUp chemicals could be used on playgrounds, schoolyards, golf courses, community centers and parks. Once this goes into full production, there will be virtually no place your family can go that isn’t contaminated with genetically modified grass seeds and toxic glyphosate chemicals. We could be looking at awave of superweeds spreading across North America.

These superweeds will be the baddest, toughest and most chemically-resistant weeds our world has ever seen. They develop as mutant derivatives of the mass spraying of RoundUp chemicals across lawns. In much the same way thatsuperbugs develop in the presence of widespread antibiotics abuse,superweeds, develop in the presence of widespread glyphosate abuse.

Many of my clients who have found relief from seasonal allergies in the past, have seen some symptoms return this year due to the genetically engineered grass and its pollen.

I am happy to say I just received the testing vials for this grass and pollen and will be testing all my clients going forward.


If you are suffering from seasonal symptoms don’t wait…. call for an appointment now. Donna Wiggers CNP, R.BIE


*For more information visit


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