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The Summer Solstice arrives on June 21 2013, this is the longest day of the year… (the most daylight hours) … This day has long been celebrated by Pagans and Wiccans… It’s a joyous occasion filled with light and love… 🙂 

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone… 

From Patti Wigington, your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan
Celebrate the sun!
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It’s Litha for our Northern Hemisphere readers, which means our days are long and bright, we’re celebrating the power and energy of the sun, and enjoying the warmth that makes our gardens bloom. The longest day of the year, Litha is a great time to get outdoors and reconnect with the natural world.

If you’re one of our readers below the equator, you’re observing the Yule sabbat – for you, the nights are long and dark right now, but the return of the sun is right around the corner. Be sure to check the sidebar on the right for some Yule ideas.

No matter which of these you may be celebrating this week, I wish all of you a joyful and magical Sabbat!

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Midsummer Rites and Rituals 

Depending on your individual spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate Litha, but the focus is nearly always on celebrating the power of the sun. It’s the time of year when the crops are growing heartily and the earth has warmed up. we can spend long sunny afternoons enjoying the outdoors, and getting back to nature under the long daylight hours. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying — and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead. Read Full Article
Litha Customs and Folklore 

Interested in learning about some of the history behind Litha? Here’s some background on Midsummer celebrations – learn who the gods and goddesses of summer are, how they’ve been honored throughout the centuries, and about the magic of stone circles! Read Full Article
Litha Feasting and Food 

Litha is the celebration of the summer solstice – and what’s a Sabbat without food? Take advantage of the summer crops of fruit and vegetables, and prepare a delicious feast for your Midsummer gatherings. Read Full Article
Litha History 

The summer solstice has been celebrated by countless societies over time – from the ancient Celts and Saxons to modern-day Pagans. Read about some of the different ways our ancestors honored this important agricultural marker. Read Full Article

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