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 Patti Wigington: Your Guide to Paganism / Wiccan

It’s spring, which means many of us are planning our upcoming gardens. Sure, it’s still early, but it’s a good time to get seedlings started indoors, mapping out where in the yard you want which plants to go, and figuring out the timing of all the things you’ll be harvesting next fall. The garden can be one of the most magical places in your life. Today we’ll be talking about how to plan, create, and grow your magical garden, as well as ways to create speciality gardens, herb plots, and more!

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Garden Folklore and Magic

In the early spring, many of us who follow earth-based spiritual paths begin planning our gardens for the coming season. The very act of planting, of beginning new life from seed, is a ritual and a magical act in itself. To cultivate something in the black soil, see it sprout and then bloom, is to watch a magical working unfold before our very eyes. The plant cycle is intrinsically tied to so many earth-based belief systems that it should come as no surprise that the magic of the garden is one well worth looking into. Let’s look at some of the folklore and traditions that surround gardening and planting magic. Read Full Article

Magical Herbs

So you’ve decided you’re ready to do a magical working… but you’re not sure which herbs are the best ones to use. Use this list as a reference point to determine which herbs, plants and flowers are the best choices for your purposes. Be sure to visit the Magical Herb Gallery for images of many of the herbs listed on this page. Read Full Article

Magical Flowers

As spring arrives, our gardens begin to bud and eventually bloom. For hundreds of years, the plants that we grow have been used in magic. Flowers in particular are often connected with a variety of magical uses. Now that those blossoms are blooming, keep an eye out for some of these flowers around you, and consider the different magical applications they might have. Read Full Article

Plant a Goddess Garden

Gardening is a magical act. It allows us to take the simplest form of life — a seed — and plant it so that weeks later it will bloom. Plants and magic have been associated for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, so when spring rolls around and you’re planning your seasonal garden, why not set up a special area to dedicate to the goddess of your tradition? Read Full Article

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