Our lady becomes full for the last time in 2012 on December 28 2012 at approx. 5:21 am… She will be sitting in the sign of Cancer until December 30, when she will move into the sign of Leo… 


The Moon in Cancer: 

The moon controls our emotions and is also the ruler of nurturing, sensitive Cancer.

The moon is comfy here, domestic issues are in the forefront, caring for loved ones, making the house cozy, cooking comforting meals and lots of cuddles can be in store for the next couple of days… However, you are advised to be ever watchful for insecurities, defence barriers going up against imagined slights, crabby and or needy behaviour…. 🙂  

Those with the following are likely to be more effected by this Full Moon… 

Sun sign in Cancer, Moon Sign in Cancer, Sun in the 4th house, Moon in the 4th house. 

The Full Moon is good time to finish up projects and get organized… 

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