From the Editor: From our Inbox to you….

Azure Green Located in the U.S.A. has fabulous new t-shirts in stock…. they range in size from Medium to Extra Large….

Retail Price is $23.95 for size Med to XL:

Retail Price is $25.95  for size 2XL

If ordering through us (SGC) Shipping and HST (13%) will be added to your order. Please contact us for shipping cost. (Cost will depend on where you are located)


Please Click Here to go directly to Azure Green’s web page to order….:)

Yin Yang Tree medium t-shirt

Ying Yang Tree Design… 

Wolf Reflection medium t-shirt

Wolf  Reflection Design

Wolf Face medium t-shirt

Wolf Face Design

Wizard & Dragon medium t-shirt

Wizard and Dragon Design

Witch's Lair medium t-shirt

Witch’s Lair Design

White Buffalo Shield extra large t-shirt

White Buffalo Design

Three Owl Moon medium t-shirt

3 Owl Moon Design

Summoning the Storm medium t-shirt

Summoning the Storm Design

Smokin' Jahman medium t-shirt

Smokin Jahman Design

Skulfire medium t-shirt

Scary…. Burning Skull Design

Seidhr medium t-shirt

Seidhr Design

Ravens medium t-shirt

Ravens Design (Medium Only)

More Designs are available, please visit Azure Green to view, or stay tuned and we will be adding more designs to SGC later… 🙂 

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