From the Editor: FYI The workings of Durham Council… 🙂

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Our members of council are paid a wage and entitled to have expenses/mileage reimbursed or covered as part of their agreement to work for the people. 

I would like to suggest, that if one is working for the good of the people, no matter at what level of “governance” the most important aspect of that work is the welfare and comfort of the people and the place in which they reside. And if that meant not expensing certain things, such as lunch meetings, extended or necessary travel and other travel expenses then that is what I hope I would do. technology has brought us a new way to commute with one another, it is no longer necessary to leave your office to conduct or engage in meetings with your peers. 

Expensing lunch is an old-fashioned worn out idea and only benefits the people at the luncheon. Gas is not only expensive it is bad for our environment, we should all be thinking more about why and where we are driving to and members of council should be setting an example. Many of the commuting working public do not get reimbursed for the gas they use to get to and from their place of work, it comes out of their income and they have to budget for it. 

There is one council member who has truly impressed me by expensing 0 for 2011, and I hope he will stand as an example to others for the future.

Thank You Oshawa Mayor John Henry for doing what you feel is right…. 

Listed below are the “numbers” for 2011, the information was printed in Whitby This Week Feb 29 Edition

1.3 million = Salary

18,910:00 = Mileage

53,630:00 = Expenses (conferences, conventions, meetings)

Base Salary for Regional Council Members for 2011: 48,983:00

15 Former Councilors 546,331:00 = Severance

Roger Anderson Regional Chair 185,037 Salary, 6,527:00 Mileage, 28,071 Expenses

Pat Perkins (Mayor of Whitby) Expenses 5,036:00

Debbie Bath (Brock Councillor) Mileage 2,433:00 (Councillor is the furthest away from Headquarters)

John Henry (Oshawa Mayor) Expenses 0 Mileage 0

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