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August 2011,

Can you believe it we are already up to August….. ???

What a summer so far after our very wet spring we have had some very hot and dry weather, not that I am complaining mind you, although I do feel bad for the farmers, grass trees, the plants and wildlife, I am sure they are all confused… ☺

Enjoy your August everyone and for those of you who are taking holidays this month we wish you an awesome and relaxing time.


Events and News:


News: Jim Cuddy New CD Release soon:

Jim Cuddy, one heck of a singer/songwriter/musician and Canadian, will have a new CD set for release Sept 27 2011 but good news you can preorder your copy and get a chance to listen to one of the new songs when the JC team send you a free download….Check out the post below from the Jim Cuddy team and go to JC’s website if you would like to place your order. The following is from my Inbox

A Peak into the Making of Skyscraper Soul

“On September 27, Jim Cuddy’s brand new solo album, Skyscraper Soul, will be released! From now until then, we are very excited to be able to give you a look into the making of Skyscraper Soul, including blog posts by Jim and his band, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, and even an audio stream of the entire album! While the first blog post is available right now, the rest of this exclusive content will be revealed as the release date for Skyscraper Soul approaches. Visit to read Jim’s “First Things” blog, which you can access by clicking on the July 27 window in our skyscraper landscape.”


Events: The Magical Blend August workshops and classes:

The magical blend is a mystical magical pagan/wiccan store locatedin Montreal, they have oodles of fabulous stuff for all your ritual needs, the staff are friendly and fun and each month they have classes and events going on, lots of them ☺ please contact Robyn if you would like to receive the events for August. The following post is from their August Newsletter: Happy Lughnasadh all…. ☺ The following is from my inbox.

Contact: Robyn:

Next Sabbat: Lughnasadh

Also known as: Lammas. Celebrated on or around August 1.

In the Wheel of the Year, Lughnassadh is the first of three harvest festivals, and although the days are still hot and sunny, they are growing ever shorter, marking the rapidly approaching winter season (which for the ancient Celts began at Samhain, our modern Hallowe’en). Like Imbolc, its partner across the Wheel, Lughnassadh is a cross-quarter day, and as other cross-quarter holidays is celebrated from sunset the night before, as the Celts believed the days began with the vanishing of the sun as opposed to its rise.  The alternate name for this Sabbat is “Lammas”, which is derived from the Christian festival of “Loaf-Mass”. In essence, this festival was a day of first fruit offerings, marking the beginnings of the harvest with bread baked from the first grains. “Lughnassadh” translates to “the feast of Lugh”, the Celtic sun-god of many skills. Traditionally, this is the time of year for fairs and festivals. Many Highland Games and Clan Gatherings occur around this time of year, family reunions and games of skill to honour Lugh and the mythical funeral games he held to honour his foster-mother Taillte.

Concepts: Harvest; family; friendly competition; demonstration of skill in sports and arts; the bounty of the Earth; the diminishing power of the Sun God and Vegetation God.

Altar Decorations: Harvest fruits; foods such as corn, fish and breads eaten.


Eco News/Upcoming Event:

The David Suzuki Team is gearing up for this years Scotia Bank Toronto waterfront marathon…. If you like to keep active this is a great family way of helping out your environment too…. ☺The following is from my Inbox.

“An invitation to run, wheel, or walk with the David Suzuki Foundation Team at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Sunday October 16, 2011.  We’re taking our love of nature to the street. You can join us in the half marathon, tackle the full race, or come out for the 5k. You choose your distance and speed.  It’s our first year participating in this amazing international event which will host over 22,000 runners. We hope to raise $20,000 as a team and would love your help to reach that goal. You could win a t-shirt and have your entry fee waived!”

Sign up here to join our Team. For more information, feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your support. Hope to see you at the race!

Kathrin Majic
Development Officer, Community Partnerships
David Suzuki Foundation – Toronto office


Local Events:

The Tranquil Garden Retreat  located in Oshawa is packed each month with happenings and events….visit their website to view what’s happening in August….

 News: August Special from Azuregreen:

Azuregreen is located in the U.S. the staff are friendly and it’s a fabulous place to shop for all your metaphysical needs… This Month marks their 25 Anniversary… Congratulations guys and gals ☺… and to celebrate this auspicious occasion they are offering 25% off of everything, I mean everything … Visit with them at their site to find out more or to go shopping… Azuregreen also deals in Wholsale and they have some fantastic offers this month….

 News: Chic Interior Redesign Consultation Special:

Sherry, of Chic Interior Redesign has a fabulous special on this month, she is offering a one and half hour consultation for the great price of $95:00, you save $25:00!!! So if you are thinking of moving, or you just want to change things up around your home, now is the time to contact Sherry, she is warm, caring and professional. Please check out her website Chic Interior Redesigns for more information or to contact to Sherry… ☺


News: the 99th monkey back to school supplies:

“Back to School Litterless Lunch Supplies at The Ninety Ninth Monkey

From various sizes of Klean Kanteen water bottles, to reusable sandwich wraps, stainless steel food containers to Lunch Bags & Lunch Boxes. Come see and mention this e-letter and receive 10% off.” Visit their website to find out more and or to contact Barbara.


Meditation Circle with Julie Ditta August 10th:

Fire Ceremony with Julie Ditta August 21st:

Drum Circle with Julie Ditta August 26th:   

Please contact Julie at: 905-666-8238 for times and locations ☺

“Fire Ceremony

Let the flames of the fire burn away resistance, unwanted thoughts, patterns and memories from our past.  We ask that our prayers be carried by the smoke to the heart of the Great Spirit.”

 7:30 pm $10:00 Refreshments: Oshawa 1835 Concession 7 (East of Oshawa)


FYI: Service Ontario Centers:

Most of us are aware about Service Ontario Centers, where we can apply for and obtain birth certificates, health cards, vehicle stickers etc….A recent “amalgamation” ofOntario’s M.O.T. and health card centers. But are we aware that not all Service Ontario Centers do everything? Some Centers deal more with the M.O.T. side of things and only have limited availability to help consumers with health card issues, they do not deal in birth certificates nor do I believe do they issue marriage licenses. So perhaps next time we need to make a trip to our localServiceOntarioCenter, it might be wise to call them first to make sure they can assist with the issue at hand, saving all of us time. ☺

 Serenity’s Gift Cove:

Come visit our site, we try to update it as often as possible with local information, eco-news, product for sale and we enjoy sharing information from others. Please feel free to email us if you would like a copy of our monthly E-News, if you would like to have something posted in our E-news or on our weblog, or if you have any questions regarding our services or products. If you have an idea for a discussion post, would like to get something off of your chest or if you would like to share information with others, send it along to us and we would be happy to post it for you. All prices listed on weblog include 13% hst and shipping charges. PUP= Pick up Price. (for product/orders which are picked up instead of shipped/mailed out). Prices are in Canadian $’s. International andU.S.orders will require more shipping please email for details. Please email us for payment options. ☺

 We at Serenity’s Gift Cove, believe each of us is a student and teacher because knowledge is to be shared, respect for our planet and all living things is paramount and that kindness can be contagious. ☺

 Please forward this E-News to those you feel would enjoy it… thanks ☺

Happy August everyone, and to all who are celebrating an event this month … Kick up your heels and let your hair down….☺



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