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Dr. David Suzuki is a renowned Canadian Scientist and Environmentalist. He has been the host of the T.V. Show “The Nature of Things” for 30 years.

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“Our government gives tax subsidies to oil, coal, and gas companies. Why? Do they need more money? Ask our government to stop.

Handouts to polluting industries – more than $1.4 billion a year – just encourage more pollution. These funds should go to projects that could help our future and our health.

Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper that our government should stop these handouts, and start promoting cleaner and safer sources of energy.

Our government representatives committed to phasing out these subsidies back in 2009, but since then they’ve given more than $2 billion to polluting industries. Why are they all talk and no-show?

Ask your representatives to stop these tax breaks today, like they promised”

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