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February 2011 E-news


Hang in there folks… we are through January, Yippee!!!

February is a short month… I know it’s a tough one for most of us to deal with and is usually the month where we feel the most depressed. So get out and about when you can and keep yourself busy, and the time will fly by.


Events and Happenings…


February 2nd and every other Wednesday:

Presentation followed by Meditation and Healing with Janice Deschenes and Pamela Scott:

Please join Pamela and Janice for healing and meditation.

Place: 13 John Street Oshawa 7:30pm.

Contact Janice at: 905 706 8423 or email her at:  

Pamela can be contacted at: 905-668-3073 or email her at:


February 8th:

Circles in Circles Ladies Business Meeting at:  3 Steps Up Coffee House” 840 Brock St. N in Whitby L1N 4J5. Please Contact Sherry Gostlin through her website at:

Chic Interior Redesigns If you would more information or you would like to attend this friendly and productive meeting.


Wednesdays throughout the month of February, Join Julie Ditta as she conducts her monthly Drum Circles. Located at Conant Seniors and Community Center, on Grasmere Ave in Oshawa.  Please call Julie at 905-666-8238 for information or if you plan to attend.


Mondays (2nd and 4th Monday of each month)

Meditation/Healing with Marylou Westenhoefer and Pamela Scott:

Please contact either Marylou at: or Pamela at: for more information, times and location.


Friday February 25th:

“Lets do Lunch” Big Brothers/Big Sisters Fundraiser at Royal Ashburn Golf Club. Please visit their site at: Lets Do Lunch for more information.


Please visit for their February calendar and fabulous product catalogue. A Canadian company located in Montréal, Québec


Please visit Our well loved and truly Canadian Band, for upcoming tour dates.




Eco-news from David Suzuki: Please click on the hi-lighted links to find out more

Get ocean-friendly fish at your local grocery store

It’s easy to find sustainable fish and other seafood using our new guide, Suzuki’s Top 10 Sustainable Seafood Picks.



Our guide makes it super simple by listing the best seafood choices found at your grocery store. All options get the thumbs-up from sustainable seafood experts. Plus, the guide

is really cute! David Suzuki looks like an adorable fishmonger.


Why buy sustainable seafood?


  1. It’s harvested without hurting other sea creatures and the ecosystems they depend on.
  2. There’s no overfishing so our favourite fishies can stick around longer.
  3. It’s healthy for you and for our oceans.

Get Suzuki’s Top 10 seafood picks and choose seafood that’s good for our oceans. You can also find more resources like recipes and nifty seafood info on our website.


More Eco-news from Michael Blocks green living tips. Please click on the hi-lighted links to find out more about these and other subjects.

Getting rid of bed bugs
Bed bugs aren’t just mythical creatures of night time good wishes – they are very real and becoming a major problem in some places. Here’s some earth friendly ideas getting rid of bedbugs.
Chrome and the environment
The leather and chrome plating industry is about to get some unwanted attention again after new study from the Environmental Working Group has found carcinogenic hexavalent chromium in the tap water of 31 out of 35 US cities sampled.


February Message Through Marylou Westenhoefer:


New Year~New You


White Swan~~~Spirit Heart/ Intuitive Readings

I welcome the opportunity to convey the inspiration, peace and guidance that spirit desires for each one of us.

I look forward to guiding your beautiful unfolding session that will lift you to a new spiritual level.   MaryLou


Contact MaryLou to hear your own personal message.  



Please note we are on vacation from January 20 to February 12th emails will be checked when possible during this time..thanks for your understanding…. Please forward our enews to those you think may enjoy it….


The team at serenity’s gift cove













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