This past week there was a bit of an “upset” in the world of astrology, brought on by an astronomer’s announcement that the earth has moved upon its axis, causing the zodiac signs to change…!!  Which in turn caused all kinds of confusion for people, thinking they weren’t the people they thought they were, astrologically speaking of course. :).

I too was confused when I heard this, and casting my mind back I seemed to remember hearing something of the same sort a few years ago… Now at first I thought this was silly and that it didn’t affect us, but then it went viral and people were getting silly about it all, so it was time for me to find out what it was really all about.

I did some reading on the internet and finally contacted a well known astrologer by the name of Jacqueline Bigar for some expert advice who was generous and quick with her reply.  With this information my own thoughts on the matter were confirmed, thank goodness, as I was beginning to get a little worried, and upset about the whole thing.

So here it is folks:)…. Do not panic, your signs have not changed and will not change you are still the person you thought you were, astrologically speaking of course. 🙂 The changes the gentleman was referring to (the astronomer) relate to the constellations and not the actual planets.

There are two different types of Astrology, Western and Vedic. In western Astrology we use the planets to plot and figure out what we need to know. In Vedic Astrology (or eastern astrology) the constellations are used.

Remember, that we are not made up of  just one sign/planet we are made up of 10 so if you don’t feel like the sign you are supposed to be, it’s probably because of the other signs in your chart. For instance, you may be a Cancer by your Sun sign, (nurturing, moody, sensitive) but your Ascendent or rising sign may be in Aries, (action orientated, insensitive and somewhat selfish). 

Keep in mind always that Astrology is complex, it is a life long  journey of  learning and exploring, and the traits of each chart can be enhanced or hidden depending on your upbringing…. If you are born shy and quiet to parents who are outgoing and eccentric, they may inadvertently push you towards a life that isn’t you.

Hope this helps to clear up the confusion, but if you still have questions please feel free to ask and if I can figure out the answer I am happy to do so… 🙂

Have a fabulous week everyone…. let your light shine through…  🙂

Peace…  🙂

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