Durham Residents heads up… Plastic does not belong in the Green Bin Folks… :)

Durham Region works department wants to remind folk not to put plastic in the organic green bin.. 

Plastic doesn’t break down in the processing facility and creates inferior compost. 

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Please Do Not Place the Following items in the green bin: 

  • Any plastic bag (unless 100 % bio degradable) including, bread and milk bags
  • Tubs
  • Wrap
  • Baggies (such as sandwich/freezer bags)
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Food containers (peanut butter jars, yogurt, margarine) These belong in your blue bin

Use only 100% certified compostable liner bag brands for your green bin… you can use newspaper or paper towel to line the bin before placing the bag in it… this helps with any condensation, especially in the warmer weather. 

Only organic goods go in the green bin… that’s stuff that will break down and turn into compost, such as vegetable peelings, meat, soiled paper towels and tissues and any left over food items (taken out of their containers)…. 


source: Whitby This Week July 22 2015 Edition.