Allison Dubois Medium Dead University T-Shirts

We have been fans of Allison Dubois ever since we discovered the tv show Medium. In the show, Allison is portrayed by Patricia Arquette, who does a fantastic job of it too… 😉

Presently, Allison has a podcast show called “the dead life” in which she explains some of the mysteries of the afterlife. And for many, the podcast can prove to be a comfort after the loss of a loved one, a comfort many of us can appreciate.

and recently, Allison has created a “university” to help “light workers” tap into to their gifts so they can understand them and use them to the best of their abilities… and she has a fabulous new T-shirt for the University. 🙂

Check out the following links if you would like to know more about the podcasts or if you would to purchase one of these fabulous T-Shirts… 🙂