Are your green and blue bins showing the worst for wear???

Is you green or blue bin broken or on it’s “last legs”?

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Replacement Bins: Blue and Green Bins are available

Location: Waste Management Centre: 4600 Garrad Rd. N. Whitby. 

Time: Monday’s to Friday’s: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Cost: Replacements are FREE of charge with the return of your broken bins. 

For More Information: 1-800-667-5671:

Website: Click Here:

source: Whitby This Week: August 21 2014 Edition

Ontario Landfills are filling up ….

From the Editor: 

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In our local paper this week, there was a 3 part series about the landfill situation in Ontario. And I am sure it is not just our province that is running out of room for our garbage. Why is are we in such a crisis situation?? The article mentions that  while we have a recycling program in effect, and have done for some time now, people are still throwing recycling items into the regular garbage bin. 

If you look around you, you will see that for a number of years we have been what is termed as “a throw away society”. The products that we purchase don’t last very long,  most of them aren’t worth fixing, a lot are cheaper to buy new again then send out for repair, and many of us just aren’t capable of fixing things. And so they end up in our landfill’s. 

There are a lot of people and we buy a lot of stuff, and it is hard sometimes to stop ourselves from buying what we don’t need, (which is a lot of stuff). Our governments want us to spend money because it helps the economy, (not sure who’s?) So it’s logically to assume space for garbage would be running out in the future… Well the future is here…. 

It’s a chore I know sorting our garbage, the organic bin along with one bin under the sink for glass and containers and two bins in the cupboard, one for paper and one for cardboard and there are days I get frustrated with it, but for the most part sorting the garbage in our house is second nature. 

55% percent nationwide of garbage that could be recycled ends up in landfills instead: article by: Don Campbell and Thana Dharmarajah: 

Batteries are a huge NO NO for the landfills and many are found. 

Plastic is very bad for our environment, not only does it take ages and ages to break down (if it ever does) wildlife get caught up in it, or they eat it both can lead to death for them. 

Paper comes from trees, trees clean our air and give us shade and they take time to grow, cutting them down continuously for paper seems barbaric. 

Cardboard comes from paper which comes from trees. 

These are just a few of the reasons why we need to be vigilant about our recycling, not only does our garbage fill up space, (that could be used for better things) we are depleting our resources at an alarming rate, we are playing with our children’s future, and we aren’t playing nice…. 

Please visit the following link to find out more about our garbage. Or to view how and what we do regarding our garbage in Durham Region.

Please Click on this link to find out what you can put in your blue box (Durham Region).