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SGC Admin: Recently we had to do one of the toughest things we have ever had to do… and that was putting our beloved furry family member Sky to sleep…

Sky was 18 years old and she had graced our home for 16 of those years… She was a beautiful long-haired grey cat who we “rescued” from an overly affectionate/zealous toddler… Sky was a one family cat… meaning, as is typical of some cats, she only loved her immediate family members, if you were a visitor to our home, you may not have seen her, or if you had, she may have hissed at you or just ignored you… Yet with us, we couldn’t have asked for a more loving and affectionate family member.. 

As Sky grew older, we began to see her health gradually getting worse… she began to pee outside of the litter box, (although she always tried to pee by it and not in odd places) towards the end we would place her in the box to go..she sat in odd places, didn’t want to sit on a lap, and wanted only her bed, … And finally she stopped eating… we have all been there with our fur babies… that point where we have to decide what is better for our loved one… we didn’t have a regular vet for sky, and we weren’t overly impressed with the last place we had taken her… And so when the time got closer, we began a search… a search for a caring veterinarian office, who hopefully wouldn’t charge too high a price for what was needed… 

We found two such caring veterinarians, one is a mobile veterinarian service the other is a veterinarian office who also offers mobile services.

The one we ended up using was the veterinarian office, because that’s who was available for the time we needed… The procedure was explained to us gently, we were encouraged to be with Sky at the end … and we felt comfortable enough with all of the staff to allow our tears to flow freely…. We opted to bring Sky home, and she was lovingly placed in her box by the staff, who had placed her curled up just like she was sleeping… 

Amanda from the mobile service, was so compassionate in her emails to us that we know, had we used her services she would have been just as caring and kind. 

In Sky’s memory we are happy to share the following contact information with you... 

(c) 2015

White Oaks Animal Hospital: Lesley, Angela, Nadine and Dr. Aslam

965 Dundas St W, Whitby, ON L1P 1G8

(905) 444-9995


Cushing Veterinary Mobile Services: Amanda Cushing
289 685 8716




Volunteer foster care program slated for the fall, for the pets of abused women seeking shelter

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SGC Admin: Women trapped in abusive relationships can get help, but it’s not easy to take the first step, this can be made more challenging if there are beloved pets in the home, this can sometimes deter a woman from making her “escape”… 

However, starting in the fall 2015 a new volunteer pet foster care program is slated to begin…. 

Volunteer’s are needed, and those who volunteer will need to go through a criminal background check, be open to home visits, provide references and sign off on the animal care guidelines… 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact: Ms. MacKinnon at: for more information. 


source: Whitby This Week: July 8 2015 edition Jennifer O’Meara