September 2015 Special from Janet Miller of “A Spirited Path”: & Get your free copy of her new Ebook …

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  • What’s on Special? Soul Journey Facials for just $79. 

    A Soul Journey Facial  promotes deep levels of relaxation, triggering bio-chemical responses in brain function. This results in deep relaxation that allows your body to unwind. Your face holds the identify of who you are and you show this face to the world. Every cell of your body has a consciousness, none more powerful than your face. It has stored all of the events,emotions and mis-perceptions of your life to this point. Each session is unique; as each individual has different stressors in their fac

  • Who’s giving the special? Janet Miller of “A spirited path”
  • And……  🙂 Janet Miller is pleased to announce the arrival of her fabulous new Ebook “New Thinking , New Possibilities”… and it’s yours for free… all you need to do is subscribe to “A spirited path”.ca mailing list… 🙂 
  • New ebook
  • How can we to get this special: Please contact Janet @ Phone: 289-423-6544  Email: or visitA spirited path”