New Moon in Scorpio October 2014 and partial Solar eclipse

This month’s New Moon takes place in the sign of Scorpio. 

Zodiac sign Scorpio. Cute girl feeding chickens. Stock Vector - 18519804 Copyright : dumbgrep

And Partial Solar Eclipse

Partial solar eclipse, Novosibirsk, Russia, 29 march 2006 Stock Photo - 361852 Copyright : Igor Zhorov

Date: October 23 2014: 


  • Scorpio is one of the most intense signs in the zodiac, and the moon relates to our feelings/moods/emotions.. indicating this new moon could prove to be one of intense emotions. 
  • An eclipse is an important event in astrology as it can strengthen the traits of either the moon or sun, this can be positive or negative. The natal effect of a lunar or solar eclipse can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. 
  • This month’s Solar eclipse is a partial eclipse, meaning only a part of the sun will be eclipsed. It is likely that the effects of this eclipse will be lessened, but should still be considered. 
  • With the New Moon in Scorpio  …it can be easier to become or be intimate with another… We may feel more passionate, be drawn to mystery and suspense or find we are involved in research of some kind. We may also “see” or feel slights from others that aren’t really there, as we can emotionally sensitive now…  Remember with the partial eclipse in effect what ever is put into action now may have repercussions at a later date. 
  • This months full moon will have more of an influence on those who have the following in their charts… Moon in Scorpio, Moon in 5th house, Sun in Scorpio, Transits/Aspects to the moon. 
  • Even though it’s a new moon, she isn’t quite ready yet, and she is still sitting in the 4th quarter until the 24th. Mercury is also still retrograde until the 25th. Wait until the 25th before beginning any new projects or commitments.