May 13 2015: Kalina Naturals products available at the Arts Market in Leslieville, Toronto

Calling all natural skin care product users…. 🙂

Skin care, natural handmade soap with chamomile Stock Photo - 3665231 Copyright : Nataliya Korolevskaya: Please Note this is a generic image of home made soap and does not reflect Kalina Naturals product

Kalina Naturals is the home of skin care products made with natural ingredients along with good intention… Marta, the founder and operator of Kalina Naturals is delighted to let us know that her fabulous products will be available at The Arts Market, located @ 1114 Queen Street East, Toronto.  Kalina Naturals looks forward to meeting you beginning May 13 2015

Please Click Here to go to Kalina Naturals contact page for information. 🙂